Each Spring the Unity in Community Foundation awards scholarships to graduating seniors at East Leyden, West Leyden and Elmwood Park High Schools. Scholarships applications and requirements are available at each high school through the Student Services/School Counselor offices.

(2) $1000.00 Lucia Ramirez Community Involvement Scholarships and
(2) $1000.00 Smerz-Horvath Athletic Scholarships will be awarded to East and West Leyden seniors.
(2) $500.00 Community Involvement Scholarships will be awarded to Elmwood Park H.S. seniors.

The Lucia Ramirez Community Involvement Scholarship was created by Lucia Ramirez to give back to the community that reached out to support her. Her selflessness, in spite of any adversity she faces, is truly inspirational. We continue this scholarship in honor of her. The first scholarships were awarded in 2012.

The Smerz-Horvath Athletic Scholarship was created to honor Sandy Smerz-Horvath and her brother Tom Smerz. The Smerz family was known for their love of sports and its importance in developing unity and camaraderie. After losing these two beautiful souls so young, we felt we could honor their memory best through helping young athletes in pursuing their post-secondary educations. The Smerz-Horvath Scholarships were first awarded in 2013.

The Elmwood Park Community Involvement Scholarship was first awarded to just one student in 2015. This Spring we are offering a second scholarship for the deserving students of Elmwood Park H.S. who realize the importance of giving back to their community.

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The Unity in Community Foundation, does not endorse any particular candidate for public office or corporate sponsor, and the foundation has no agency relationship with organizations to which it may be linked.